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A customizable, extensible, open source dashboard by Arctiq
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dashai's flexible dashboards help gain visibility across boundaries. No longer do dashboards need to be strictly operational, or strictly development focused. dashai brings information together into seamless dashboards, giving you views into your environment you've not had before.



By utilizing only open source components and being completely open itself, the intent is to encourage the community to contribute to the project. dashai has been built from the ground up to support multiple sources of varying types, to provide data for your custom dashboards.



The project is designed to not only be easy to customize and work with, but also easy to implement. Full documentation is available, as is the source code for the project. dashai is built for you ... NOT the other way around. Spend your time building dashboards, not installing software.


Built from the ground up with open source projects, dashai leverages these key leading technologies
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In order to put dashai together, we have carefully chosen best-of-breed open source projects, and integrated them in the backend. The heavy lifting is done for you aside from choosing the data source(s) of choice for your project, begin collecting data, and display it how you like. Further enhancements will be made so look out for project updates through Twitter and GitHub, and don't forget to visit Arctiq to sign-up for our newsletter.


Help us continue to evolve dashai through ideas, development, and of course spreading the word!
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Join the Discussion

What better way to keep up to date with what's happening with dashai? We've got a Slack team setup for everyone to keep in touch and collaborate on changes, answer questions, etc. Click below to signup!

Help Develop

dashai will continue to evolve and thrives on community contribution. Have an idea? Want to see more functionality? Find us below on GitHub and collaborate with us on the project.

Spread the Word

All good projects are made better through more people using it! Follow dashai on Twitter and spread the word! We will add articles and relavant blog posts as we progress. Find us on Twitter below!